SharePoint training

With any SharePoint project, it’s important to ensure that the intended users of the intranet or system are trained to use it in the correct way. Whether they are administrators, content owners or end users, everyone needs to have clarity around how best to use their new intranet to carry out their work.

Our trainers are adept at preparing and running tailored classroom and remote sessions that cater for all levels of SharePoint knowledge and technical skill. Additionally, we produce training manuals and videos, which are specific to your intranet and supplemented with general SharePoint administration guidance.

When conducting training we prefer to limit the number of participants to between 5 and 10 - more than this and the session can turn into a lecture. Smaller groups result in more interactivity and allows the trainer to spend more one-on-one time with the trainees.”

- Dan Hawtrey, Managing Director of Content Formula

SharePoint training

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