SharePoint migration

Migrating or upgrading your SharePoint intranet is never quite as simple as updating an app on your smartphone.  However, we help organisations make it as smooth as possible – both from a technical and governance perspective.

Depending on your current SharePoint version, there are different routes to get to SharePoint 2013.  For example, if you have MOSS 2007, then you’ll likely have to upgrade via 2010.  There are third party tools to help you automate the migration of your content, but any customisations - to look and feel or functionality – will need to be carefully reviewed and may need additional work to migrate.  Some organisations choose the ‘fresh start’ approach.  This can be a good option if you believe that much of your content is obsolete.

Which ever migration path you choose, we can help to ensure that your whole organisation understands the change and it is therefore managed in a controlled way.

It’s not just about IT. Your migration will fail if you think of it as a purely technical problem. You need to engage site owners, content owners, and stakeholders. The upgrade might be a success, technically, but if people fail to adopt the new features, or revert to their favourite systems, like email, then the value and impact of your efforts will be eroded.”

- Wedge Black, Intranet Consultant at Content Formula

SharePoint Intranet migration

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