SharePoint design and rebranding

SharePoint and Office365 branding is pretty bland out of the box. It’s a lot better than it used to be but most clients still choose to brand their intranets. This makes sense. Good design and branding instills confidence in the quality of the intranet. Furthermore, organisations strive to build strong employee brands to drive better employee engagement.

But design and branding of SharePoint and Office365 is a delicate thing. There’s a risk of over-customising look and feel and creating future headaches for yourself when your system is upgraded. Our user experience consultants and graphic designers understand these risks. With a light-touch approach they excel in making your SharePoint or Office365 intranet look and feel like a premium website.

If you’re after a custom design for your intranet or just a simpler theme to better suit your organisational brand please get in touch. And take a look at some of our SharePoint and Office365 design in our case studies section.

You can learn more about how we go about branding your SharePoint in our video on customisation versus out-of-the-box.


Our approach is always to use design as a means of enhancing the user experience and making functionality more accessible and usable. Simplicity is key.

- John Scott, User Experience Director at Content Formula

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