SharePoint collaboration

We design our intranets to make the best possible use of the collaboration features offered by each version of SharePoint. Portals, libraries, wikis, and forums offer an opportunity for employees to collectively develop and distribute knowledge, enabling better decision-making and increased productivity. This is particularly true for geographically dispersed teams where a collaborative intranet can create a true digital workspace.

Lync instant messenger and application sharing are examples of real-time features that can further enhance the power of your collaborative intranet. As businesses and processes become more unwieldy and complex, it’s vital to harness the power that these features bring. Making them work for our clients has required careful planning, staged releases and strategic governance.

“The key thing to remember about collaboration is that you can’t just say ‘Here are the tools, now go and collaborate’. The likely response will be ‘On what? In what way? With whom?’. Successfully embedding collaborative intranets will rely on us selecting some very specific areas or processes within the business that will benefit greatly from collaboration, and then designing the experience and objectives around them. The employees who are involved will see the benefits clearly, and play a part in rolling out their new way of thinking to colleagues.”

John Scott, Production Director at Content Formula

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