SharePoint 2013 on premise

Although some of our customers are shifting towards cloud based services like SharePoint Online on Office 365, many are still running SharePoint 2013 (or older versions) 'on-premise'. One of the reasons that companies choose to keep their intranet inside the firewall is that they can customise the platform more extensively to meet the specific needs of their business. Our SharePoint consultancy is continually engaged in a wide range of SharePoint development projects that involve creating bespoke solutions such as process automation systems and reporting tools, dashboards and whole intranet rebuilds. See examples of SharePoint intranet work on-premise.

Getting the most out of search

One of the really exciting improvements that SharePoint 2013 introduced is the new search architecture. However, search requires a lot of considered planning, design and configuration to reach its full potential. As the information that organisations generate continues to grow, we are more regularly tasked with improving the findability via search as well as robust Information Architecture. We work with some of the world's top Microsoft SharePoint search consultants

Support and maintenance

Having an on premise SharePoint 2013 environment means that you need the skills and expertise to maintain the platform. Our SharePoint experts provide SharePoint support for our clients at a range of levels, from platform maintenance to training and user support.


Sharepoint 2013 on premise

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