Learning Management

If you have employees based in a number of different offices or countries, it can be difficult to co-ordinate their training and development centrally.  It's also hard to maintain the same standards and curriculum, whilst making allowances for local variations and regulations.  Your intranet is an ideal place to deliver a service which simplifies this process, whether for staff inductions or continuous learning. 

We have delivered a number of intranet-based learning management systems for our clients.  Typically we use SharePoint for the content and asset management, but provide an interface and journey which is tailored specifically to the client’s business process.  We include a level of sophistication in the administration that allows local administrators to tailor courses for a region or individual, whilst still making use of the centralised training content.  Additionally, a management dashboard gives leadership an opportunity to identify skills gaps and address these with future training modules.

“In an LMS, it’s the quality of the content and the way it’s delivered that truly determines success. Many companies get the process and logic part right, but really struggle with the user experience – meaning that employees just end up avoiding the system altogether.”

Mike Davey, User Experience Director at Content Formula

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