Employee engagement

Organisational change comes in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps your organisation has recently been acquired? Or perhaps a new CEO is introducing a new turnaround strategy? Whatever the change, those organisations that align and engage their work force behind the change are those that make that change a success.

Content Formula has worked with companies of varying sizes to embed new cultures and behaviours throughout their employees during times of change.

We use digital techniques and gamification to encourage a thought process which ultimately results in employees considering how behaviours can represent values and culture. The result is significantly improved levels of employee engagement and a culture that is embedded throughout the workforce.

Content Formula works with clients to understand their objectives, current culture and barriers to engagement to create a programme that will have impact across all job roles and seniorities.

Of course employee engagement isn’t purely achieved through campaign style communications. An effective intranet can go a long way towards achieving an engaged work force too. Encouraging users to adopt intranets and embed them in their day to day can prove challenging.  We advocate undertaking a rigorous UX process that will uncover both user and business requirements. It is the application of these insights to your intranet, plus findable, relevant content and elegant design that will encourage employees to become users and ensures users are knowledgeable about and engaged with their employer.

Engagement can mean a multitude of things and it’s vital that right from the start we ask, ‘what are we really trying to achieve?’ I’m always amazed how that simple question leads to a more focused solution, where success is more likely and can be properly measured.”

- Mike Davey, User Experience Director at Content Formula

Employee engagement using Intranet

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