Yammer and collaboration

With our background in Microsoft SharePoint, we have witnessed the rise in the use of social features in intranets: blogs, wikis, likes, comments and more recently the adoption of Yammer, Microsofts Enterprise Social Network tool.  Yammer and other SharePoint-based collaboration tools can provide many business benefits from the unlocking of tacit knowledge within your organisation through to content discovery, project groups, training support etc.  

Enterprise social networking is not an end in itself. This is why Content Formula takes a strategic approach to social and collaboration. We start out by helping you articulate the outcomes you’re looking to achieve, and the use cases where social tools can make a difference and add value.

Many of our clients have already begun their journey towards enterprise social networking with some interesting intended and unintended consequences. We believe this is where our experience adds real value. We've seen social at work in many different organisations so we are ideally placed to advise on which approaches will work for your organisation and culture. And just as importantly what your roadmap towards the adoption of enterprise social networking should be.

Intranets tend to take a while to catch up with conventions that are commonplace on the web. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing – after all it is a different context. Agencies and tech houses have a duty to not get over-excited about the technology and focus more on the cultural and organizational benefits they can bring.”

- John Scott, User Experience Director at Content Formula

Enterprise social networking

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