SharePoint intranets

If you want a SharePoint corporate intranet tailored for your organisation, your processes, your systems and your culture, we can help. And whether you want to create an intranet from scratch, replace an old one or make improvements to an existing one, we can help. We can build your intranets on Microsoft's latest Office365 cloud or on SharePoint 2013 on-premise. We also build on previous versions of SharePoint including 2010 and 2007.

Corporate intranet features

Our SharePoint consultancy can design and build you all manner of functionalities:

  • Cloud or on-premise
  • Multi-country or multi-branch intranets
  • Staff directories
  • News
  • Collaboration and team spaces
  • Document management
  • Knowledge bases
  • Social tools and ESN
  • Intelligent, google-like search

Bespoke intranet features 

And you can ask us to create highly bespoke functionalities. Here are a few examples:

  • Staff self-help HR systems
  • Multi-brand community hubs
  • Procurement process automation
  • Finance cost code lookup widget
  • Department and team intranets

How we work

Our approach is business focused and user-led. We help you craft your intranet vision and strategy and start laying the groundwork for governance and user adoption from the start. We use an extensive toolkit to tease out requirements from your stakeholders, end users, content owners and intranet admins. We quickly work up prototypes and put these in front of your users so that we can get feedback and refine them. When we get to the build and test phase we focus on leveraging configurable out-of-the-box components rather than creating custom code that may cause you upgrade and support issues later down the line. We often get involved with content, whether it is migrating content, integrating content, creating content or just training your content owners.

Why we’re different

Our end-to-end service gives you both the technical and the strategic. When you work with us you get a team with both a deep knowledge of SharePoint technologies and a thorough understanding of intranet strategy, governance, user adoption and user experience. This is our differentiator and it helps you ensure a successful project. There are no competitors in the UK that bring together such a complete blend of technical and strategic consulting skills.

Any industry

Our SharePoint experts have experience building and managing intranets across numerous industries including healthcare, finance, property, engineering, electronics, rail, automotive, leisure, consumer goods, charity, government and education.

Any company size

We have built corporate SharePoint intranets large and small. We have built intranets for less than 200 users and some for more than 30,000 users. We’ve built intranets for single location companies, national branches, multinationals and extranets for reps and distributors spread around the world.

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