Intranet analytics

The best intranets have clearly defined objectives, goals, and key performance indicators (KPIs). This focus helps the intranet team develop and improve the site with business value in mind. Analytics play a crucial role in guiding the team towards which improvements should be made and how.

We provide a range of analytics services and consulting:

  • KPI definition, dashboard creation and ongoing measurement
  • Choosing analytics tools for your intranet
  • Implementing analytics on your site so that you are tracking what counts
  • Analytics deep dive to understand user behaviour and suggest improvements
  • Intranet ROI studies


When you start looking at your analytics data it’s easy to find yourself drowning pretty quickly. There are endless metrics, dimensions and filters that you can pore over, and occasionally something ‘interesting’ can pop out. But the key thing is to be targeted – look at the metrics that you have already established will tell you about whether or not something is succeeding, and then take action based on what that data tells you.”

- Dan Hawtrey, Managing Director at Content Formula

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