SharePoint Online and Office 365

Our SharePoint consultants design, build and support SharePoint intranets in cloud environments - particularly those based on Office 365.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud based office service where your software is always the latest version and your data is stored in the cloud, so you can access it from whatever device wherever you are in the world. 

SharePoint Online is a component of Office 365, allowing organisations to create their intranet or extranets in the cloud, removing the need for hardware support and spreading the cost of licensing into monthly payments. One of the benefits of SharePoint Online is the ability to access the intranet anywhere from any device – including smart phones and tablets – without needing a connection to the corporate network. Another major benefit is that SharePoint online receives the latest updates and features immediately, meaning you are always running the latest version of SharePoint and can forget about planning your upgrade cycle. 

Some organisations are scared about using SharePoint Online because they see it as a risky option from a support and security perspective. But, Microsoft is so invested in the cloud and SharePoint Online as the defacto SharePoint platform, that they are making absolutely sure the support and security aspects are watertight. It’s highly unlikely that in-house teams will reach the same level of sophistication.”

- John Scott, Production Director at Content Formula

SharePoint online and office 365

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