A social intranet built with Wizdom

How Wizdom helped Jyske Bank create an award winning mobile intranet packed with social and video

A social intranet built with Wizdom

The brief

Jyske Bank is the second largest financial institution in Denmark with over 4000 employees. The bank has a staggering number of departments (101 to be precise!) spread across multiple locations making it hard for employees to feel part of one organisation.

Senior management therefore decided to put in place a new intranet that was to be the glue to bind the organization together around a common culture. The focus fell naturally on creating a social intranet. At the same time, the solution had to match the modern mobile life and be able to focus staff attention around the organization’s activities as events, video and news.

The main concept for the intranet was that of Jyske Bank as a football team with a legion of fans (the bank's employees). JB United is based on Wizdom intranet in a box and Sharepoint.

  • JB United is a news driven intranet with an emphasis on social, mobile and video.
  • JB United’s focus is on providing news and debate in the shape of text as well as video – as the bank’s own TV station is a huge supplier of content. All content can be liked and commented and employees can start a thread in the shape of text or video. 
  • Noticeboard’s subscription management system makes sure users are only exposed to relevant content. 
  • The intranet is also available through an app


  • 3500 employees have downloaded JB United as an app.
  • 151 videos have been uploaded since launch
  • 600-800 employees use the app on a daily basis – of this more than half before normal working hours
  • During the Digital Communication Awards 2015 held in Berlin, Jyske Bank picked up three awards including ‘Best Intranet’, beating other organisations such as Deutche Telekom, Microsoft and Philips

The original case study is published on Wizdom's website

"“With JB United we have registered 8-10 times more dialogue on our intranet. This means that the organization is now better united than ever. We have also moved some of the critical dialogue, that would otherwise have taken place in the nooks, to a forum where we all have the possibility to contribute and where management can add points of views.”"

Per Esmann Jensen, Branch Manager, Communication Online, Jyske Bank

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