SharePoint extranet to automate a complex process

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Public sector Sharepoint extranet

The brief

UK Sport co-ordinates bids to host major sporting events in the UK. The bidding process is a very long and complex process that often required UK Sport consultants to spend considerable amounts of time supporting event managers in the administration of the process.

UK Sport wanted to automate the process where possible in order to free up their consultants’ time to support event managers on bid strategy rather than administration.

They chose SharePoint as a secure extranet platform and set the following objectives:

  • Engage event managers in the bidding process, ensuring return visits
  • Clearly communicate the process and its various stages
  • Ensure the right information is available at every stage
  • Educate event managers on requirements for each part of the process
  • Enable success through best practice sharing

Our approach

UK Sport undertook research with their user base and articulated a clear strategy, which we utilised to create the information architecture and user experience design of the site.

We built the bidding process into the overall design of the site to clearly illustrate each stage to users to enable them to identify the stage they are currently in within the process.

We used a cascading news system to filters news down to the stage levels and enabled it to bubble up to the home page, which was used to engage users in each stage.

The result

100% of UK Event Managers have registered on the site, of which 88% return to the site on a monthly basis.

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