Process automation with SharePoint

A cost-saving process automation project for procurement at Jaguar Land Rover

The brief

Improve workflow management with an automated process on SharePoint to ensure timely sourcing of vehicle parts:

  • Buyers from Jaguar Land Rover were using a slow and clunky system to source vehicle parts that relied on manual processes and was prone to human error.
  • We were asked to provide a risk management solution that simplified the system to ensure that programmes were delivered on time, on budget and gave early warning of issues.

Our approach

To combine existing data storage and reporting systems with the user interface to create a cost effective solution:

  • JLR already had Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Reporting Services and SharePoint built into their technical infrastructure.
  • By consolidating all three programmes we were able to create a working system for the buying team.
  • Features of the new system included a wizard-led process to create, update and document on sourcing programmes – saving valuable time and aligning the layout of reports.
  • Personal dashboards were developed to give buyers a snapshot of their progress.

The result

A time and money-saving solution:

  • A cost-saving and time-saving system that maximised existing technology.
  • Early and clear flagging of issues to allow time to resolve them.
  • Clear tracking and backing up of work so nothing was missed.

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