Fully responsive Drupal website

Optimising a website for mobile, tablet and desktop devices

Benecol webiste preview, presenting desktop, tablet, and mobile view of page

The brief

Benecol, an FMCG healthcare brand for lowering cholesterol, recognised that they were getting an increasing amount of traffic from mobile and tablet devices. However, their site did not have any provision to deliver a customised view that properly supported the range of tablet and mobile devices being used to browse the site. They also recognised the need to upgrade the version of Drupal that their site was running and asked Content Formula to support these activities.

We needed to re-build the website but major design changes were out of scope at this stage so it was a case of adapting the existing templates and designs for the new viewports making small UX enhancements rather than a full re-design

Our approach

We applied Content Formula's User Centered Design (UCD) methodology to document the existing site structure and map how the existing page layouts could be adapted for the various mobile and tablet views.  This involved:

  • Documenting the site structure and number of unique page layouts
  • Defining the new page layouts, navigation system and responsive behaviours through interactive wireframes
  • Adapting the existing design to fit the new page layouts and responsive functionality
  • Developing the site to Johnson & Johnson defined development standards
  • Thorough testing across all devices and browsers

The result

  • A fully responsive UK site that was delivered from scratch in 3 months and is ready to be adapted for use by the other markets as required.
  • Simple, 'low-hanging-fruit' UX refinements go towards create an elegant desktop experience

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