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How we designed the UX for Healthscore mobile app for Nuffield Health customers

UX for Healthscore mobile app for Nuffield Health customers

The brief

Nuffield Health asked us to create various parts of the user interface for Healthscore, an important digital initiative to drive healthy behaviour and lifestyle:

  • Healthscore is a mobile application that allows Nuffield Health customers to track the activities that contribute to their health and wellness. Clever algorithms compute all activity and present back a single healthscore that changes in real time.
  • Comprising several modules including sleep, exercise and diet, we were asked to design the personal trainer module and some of the key screens that present the actual Healthscore to the customer and explain how it all works.

Our approach

As with many of our projects, we like to take a user-led approach, interviewing customers and end users:

  • This was a fun project as there are quite a few exercise nuts at CF. We all used the tool ourselves to get a good understanding of how it worked.
  • We held workshops and interviews with customers, end users, personal trainers and medical experts to understand their attitudes towards using a health tracking app. We also tested our prototypes with end users to identify interface issues before going into development.
  • We worked closely with the development team in Switzerland in order to deliver frequent releases using an agile project methodology.

The result

We delivered comprehensive packages of validated wireframes and requirements in a fast-turnaround delivery schedule:

  • We designed some of the core screens in the Healthscore native mobile and desktop application – those that show how a user’s healthscore is made up. This had to be done in a way that users could see how they can best influence their healthscore.
  • We designed a tablet interface for personal trainers that enables them to create tailored exercise routines for their customers. These routines, when carried out, integrate with and contribute to the user’s healthscore.
  • The tablet app contains a library of exercise routine templates that can be quickly loaded and tailored to suit the needs of a given customer.

"Content Formula quickly understood the challenges we were facing and proposed a solution that simplified a lot of complex data and choices into a vastly simplified and easy to understand user journey. Their solution created a strong vision for the direction of our new product development road map"

Kate Barker, Nuffield HealthScore™ Head of Marketing

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