Light touch intranet development in SharePoint 2013

Using information architecture to surface important links and documentation in SharePoint 2013

The brief

Cadogan Estates asked us to design and build a small scale intranet in SharePoint 2013. The objective was to provide their staff with a single point of access to the large volume of external systems that are accessed on a daily basis.

Cadogan wanted their intranet to deliver news and announcements to all staff in a straightforward way, choosing not to implement social features at this time but encouraging staff to post noticeboard items directly onto the site, reducing need for administration.

Our approach

The success of this project was very much down to implementing an appropriate IA and UX Design which would expedite access to multiple external systems via the intranet home page.

We chose not to apply significant graphic design in this instance - using just enough imagery to instill a sense of Cadogan’s brand without detracting from the utilitarian nature of the site.

The result

Our SharePoint consultancy created a simple, yet highly usable intranet portal for Cadogan which has improved access and findability to key systems and documentation.

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