Brand advocacy

Turning loyal consumers into digital brand advocates

Aveeno brand advocacy

The brief

Accelerate word-of-mouth marketing effect for a therapeutic skincare brand.

  • Our client, a niche skincare brand, found that consumers were often recommending the product to friends.
  • Our challenge was to maximise brand advocacy using social media, accelerating the word of mouth effect in a measurable way.

Our approach

A digital strategy to find the best brand advocates and create a platform for them to spread the word across blogs, Facebook, Twitter, email, telephone and face-to-face:

  • Fans and bloggers were invited to apply to become brand advocates through an online application process.
  • We built an automated way to screen applications using artificial intelligence algorithms but also applied human processes to find the strongest advocates.
  • Once chosen, advocates could log their buzz activities and share ideas in a specially-built microsite. We designed a points-based rewards system to drive competitiveness between advocates. This also helped measure the success of the campaign.
  • Social network marketing kept momentum following launch with a branded Facebook hub, which worked well together with a sustained email marketing campaign.

The result

A company award winning campaign that helped smash the brand’s revenue objective:

  • The brand earned 112% market share value growth and smashed its revenue target for the year.
  • The brand manager received a global company award for the best social media campaign.
  • We attracted over 8,000 applicants and recruited 800 advocates.
  • The campaign reached over 170,000 consumers through blogging alone.
  • Total reach of the campaign estimated at 3 million consumers.

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